Certificate in Small Business Management

After completing the CSBM course a couple of years ago, we weren’t 100% sure that what we learnt would actually be put into practice. We’ve just recently bought Nelson Truck Spares (2012) Ltd and everything we learnt at this course came flooding back. The course books were indispensable when starting our business, and we would, without a doubt, be scratching our heads without the knowledge learnt and the wonderful (free) resources that were part of this course. Barbican just won’t let you fail – simple. They want you to succeed. Our whole family have been through this course and can’t recommend it enough.
Gavin and Kay Bradley

I would recommend this course for anyone wishing to start a new business.

The knowledge and information gained by doing this course have been invaluable.

I am so impressed with the professional and encouraging way the class was run and the resources supplied.  Well done.  Thank you.

I valued this business course.  After being involved in a business for 17 years, I had no formal training.  This made me analyse my business in a different way.  Thank you.

The tutors were friendly, clear and patient.  Great to have guest speakers.  It was a pleasure to attend each week and I certainly would recommend this course to anyone wanting to start a business.

A relaxed atmosphere promoted by the tutor was conducive to my learning.

How the course is presented - easy to follow; great tutor.

Greg Waddington, Cartridge World

I enjoyed all aspects of this course.  The fact that it was free was a real incentive to participate.  The support and communication from Barbican
was fantastic, and the knowledge, support and delivery of the course by Scott, our tutor, was outstanding.  Thanks Scott, Pip and Susan.
Claire Nichols, Wandering Feet

Awesome course.  Excellent tutor.  
Well run.  Made me think seriously about my business idea.
Shannon Pascoe

Scott's enthusiasm and "go for it" attitude - found this inspiring and very encouraging.  Scott welcomed questions with a thorough explanation of complex issues.
Carolina Kerridge

The class environment - my class made learning fun.
Nicola Elwood

Making new friends and contacts.  Gaining confidence and general knowledge about business.
Alison Cormack

Great programme. Very informative and helped me to form a business plan, structure and set goals.  Going to the bank with all this in place definitely helped.
Phil Sweet, Queen St Service Station

The information was thorough and I learned things I didn't know.  Very comprehensive
course, and EVERYONE thinking of going into business should do it.
Helen Magyar

Everything very professional and flexible.
Ana Almeida

Certificate in Money Management

I would like to extend my thanks to yourself (Pip) and Graham, who has done a great job.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their financial literacy.

A great learning experience - enjoyed it very much.

A very educational experience and great tutor who taught everything exceptionally well.

Another exceptional course!

This course was a great introduction to investing and the tutor made it fun as well.

I enjoyed coming to class each week to extend my knowledge.  I didn't want to miss a lesson in case I missed out!

Certificate in Computing

Learning how to use various programmes.  The friendly atmosphere in which the class was conducted.
Lance Langdon

The confidence I have gained in using and exploring programmes.  Learning the capabilities of the computer and the satisfaction in understanding and applying it.  And I've made a lovely new friend in my classmate.
Mary-Anne Hobbs

Meeting new people.  I really enjoyed all aspects of the course.  I thought that it would be a lot more difficult, but the
kaiako (tutor) was very efficient with his instructions so it made life easier.  All of the different programmes we learned.  
Greg Williams 

Certificate in Applied Small Business Growth and Development

Thanks so much to you all for providing such a great service.  Each course I have done with you has certainly made me think a little differently about our business, resulting in an extremely positive experience.
Donna Anderson
Pro Machining Ltd

It changed my life.

The seminars were great.

An excellent way to get you focused on your business, great support with a flexible learning approach for your individual business.  A real sense of achievement - AND IT'S FREE - Amazing.


Increased sales.  More organised and focused on what needs to be achieved to run a successful business.  Gained knowledge on effective marketing.
Barbara Dijkstra, Pulse Video

The mentoring was brilliant - until you experience it you are unaware of the value.
John Laing, Marlborough Motorcycle Rider Training

I learned so much, and it enabled me to re-look at my business in a new light.  Loved every session and met many fantastic new people.  Mentoring was outstanding with Jane.  Improved systems and more effective marketing.
Julia Marshall, Julia's Herbal Health

The classes had a great atmosphere thanks to Sue's style and it's been great working with all the others in
class.  I have learned a lot and having a mentor and "pusher" helped me keep on track.  I think getting people in with specific expertise has been really beneficial.
Jenny Harwell, Uncle Joe's Walnuts

Certificate in First Steps to Business

I have relaxed and look forward to coming to class, and learning new ideas and strategies.

You never feel embarassed to speak and ask a question.

Just today, receiving back my first assignment as achieved, is a huge sense of self worth.

I enjoyed the course very much and have gained confidence in a lot of areas.


It was helpful to receive emails from the office staff and the encouraging comments on the assessments.

Excellent presentation and content.  Wonderful group environment and participation.