MSD Capability Mentoring

Barbican is a MSD approved capability mentor.  The Barbican mentoring service is designed to assist organisations reach their full potential and deliver superior experiences to their clients.  Barbican achieves this by working with you to analyse your organisation, find out exactly what you want and need, build on existing strengths and systems, and design solutions that are appropriate to your organisation's abilities and desires to increase the effectiveness of your organisation.

We work in a collaborative manner and apply a holistic approach - this means that we look at your organisation as a whole rather than just being a collection of parts.  This helps us to gain a better understanding of your organisation to enable us to deliver solutions that provide sustainable and ongoing improvements.
Our team of experienced and qualified professionals has many years of local and international experience in the private, public and NGO sectors.   We deliver right across the top of the South, all the way from Westport to Kaikoura. 
Meet our team:
Our areas of strengths are:
  • Organisational Capability Assessment and Planning
  • Strategic Governance
  • Financial Viability and Sustainability
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Operational Management
  • Workforce Development
  • Outcomes Focus
  • Organisational Technology
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Organisational Responsiveness
    •  Māori
    •  Pacific Peoples
    •  Refugee and Migrant Communities
    •  Children and Young People
    •  People Living with Disability 
We have extensive experience delivering to Māori and Pasifika organisations.