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Certificate in Money Management

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Programme Name: Certificate in Money Management (CMM)

Level 3, NZQA Approved, 20 weeks

Next Programme:
Nelson classes weekly on Thursday evenings.
Blenheim classes weekly on Thursday evenings.
Motueka classes weekly on Wednesday evenings.

Nelson and Motueka: Get ahead with Graham Bradley

Blenheim: Get ahead with Jane Butler
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Cost to you: NO FEES

Eligibility Requirements
Open to all NZ citizens and permanent residents, and Australian citizens, aged over 16, who are not already enrolled in a government sponsored training programme.

Entry Requirements
Basic literacy and numeracy skills are required.  You do not need to hold any other educational qualifications to enrol in this programme.

Contact us or call us on 03-547 6138 for more help.

What will I get from this programme?
The Certificate in Money Management programme is designed for learners looking to improve their skills with money.  The aim of the programme is to offer practical assistance rather than an academic approach to learning.  To this end, the programme is based around your own particular financial situation.

This is a level 3 NZQA approved programme. If you want to gain or increase your general money skills, then this programme could be for you. You will meet new people, and learn and practice new skills.  You will learn the skills necessary for you to complete your own personal financial plan.  On successful completion of this programme, you will receive a certificate in recognition of the time and effort you have put in.

What will I learn?
The programme consists of four modules.
Module 1
Your Money and Debt Management

The programme begins by looking at how your attitude towards money has shaped your current financial situation.  You will set yourself  goals which will guide you on your way to financial freedom.
Module 2
Wealth Creation and Protection

You will learn about some of the investments that you can use to create wealth and save for retirement, including Kiwi Saver.  You will complete your own investment and savings budget, and uncover ways to protect those assets you've worked so hard to get.
Module 3
Property Investment

Kiwis have long enjoyed a love affair with property investment.  You will learn about the different types mortgages and interest rates, and pitfalls to avoid if you want to become a successful landlord.
Module 4
Equity and Other Investments

You will learn about investing in shares, how to go about it, how much it costs, and what all those numbers really mean.  You will learn about gold, derivatives and understand the basics around valuing a business. 

How much will it cost me?
Best of all, there are NO FEES.  There are no charges for students.  This is a fully funded government programme.  You will receive a range of quality resources required to complete the programme, also at no cost.

What resources and equipment will I get?
You will receive a range of quality resources including module books, activity books, and calculator.  Everything you need to complete the course will be provided.

How and when will I be able to study?
The programme is part-time and class based. You will be part of a unique learning environment that is supportive, inclusive and interactive. Classes are held one evening weekly for the duration of the 20 weeks.
Where can I do this programme?
Classes for our Nelson based programmes will be held at our premises at 563 Main Road, Stoke, next to the Mobil station.  
Motueka based programmes are held at Te Awhina Marae, 133 Pah Street, Motueka.
Blenheim based programmes are held at the Koru Institute of Training and Education, 5 Sutherland Terrace.

What further opportunities are there?
From the CMM you could progress through to the Certificate in Small Business Management.

Yes, I would like to attend the next enrolment session.

Unsure? Contact us or call us on 03-547 6138 for more help.

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