Certificate in First Steps to Business

Programme Name: Certificate in First Steps to Business Management (FSB)

Level 2, NZQA Approved, 24 weeks

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Cost to you:    NIL
Eligibility Requirements
Open to all NZ citizens and permanent residents, and Australian citizens, aged over 16, who are not already enrolled in a government sponsored training programme.
Entry Requirements
Basic literacy and numeracy skills are required.  You do not need to hold any other educational qualifications to enrol in this programme.
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What will I get from this programme?
The First Steps programme is designed for learners looking for a practically based introductory qualification to help them make decisions about going into business or develop practical business and mathematics skills to assist them in gaining or improving employment opportunities. The aim of the programme is to offer practical assistance rather than an academic approach to learning.
This is a level 2 NZQA approved programme. If you have not been in a learning environment for some time or want to learn business and life skills basics, then this programme could be for you. You will meet new people, and learn and practice new skills.  On successful completion of this programme, you will receive a certificate in recognition of the time and effort you have put in.
What will I learn?
The programme consists of four modules.
Module 1
Taking the first steps
This module introduces you to the business world. You will learn techniques and tools to analyse personal motivators, skills, strengths, qualities and characteristics; time management strategies; positive relationship strategies and a range of literacy tools.
Module 2
The planning toolkit
This module focuses directly on understanding business planning. You will trial some of the widely used techniques and planning tools used in the initial stages of the business plan including a vision statement, business goals and a STEPP analysis.
Module 3
Crunching the numbers
This module focuses on financial skills such as budgeting, taxes and simple business calculations. You will prepare a personal and business cashflow budget.
Module 4
Marketing matters
This module is based on the practical side of marketing, particularly advertising. It explores what works, what doesn’t and how to effectively advertise, or market yourself in the workforce.

How much will the course cost me?
Best of all, there are NO FEES.  There are no charges for students.  This is a fully funded government programme offered through Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.  You will also receive a range of quality resources required to complete the programme, also at no cost.

What resources and equipment will I get?
You will receive a range of quality resources including a textbook, DVDs, module books, activity books, even pens, paper, calculator and a scrapbook.  Everything you need to complete the course will be provided.
How and when will I be able to study the course?
The programme is part-time and class based. You will be part of a unique learning environment that is supportive, inclusive and interactive.  Classes are held one morning weekly for the duration of the 24 weeks, with breaks scheduled to coincide with school holidays.

Where can I do this programme?
Classes are held at the Barbican Training Centre, 563 Main Road, Stoke for our Nelson based programmes and the Koru Institute of Training and Education for our Blenheim based programmes.

What further opportunities are there?
From the Certificate in First Steps to Business you could progress through to the Certificate in Money Management and/or the Certificate in Small Business Management.

Yes, I would like to register my interest in the next FSB enrolment session

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