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National Certificate in Computing Level 3

Looking to improve your computer skills and join the digital highway?  This NO FEE practical computing programme shows you how to get the max out of MS Office and more!
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Programme Name: National Certificate in Computing
Level 3, NZQA Accredited, 18 weeks
Delivered by Barbican Training Centre as contractors in conjunction with KITE logo-228 on behalf of the programme owners, Te Wananga o Aotearoa - 6 Mar 2015-955

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Cost to you: NO FEES

Entry Requirements
This programme assumes a certain level of ability in using and familiarity with computer software applications.  In addition to basic literacy and numeracy skills therefore, you must also meet one of:

* Graduate of National Certificate in Computing Level 2
* Proven competency in MS Office

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What will I get from this programme?
The National Certificate in Computing Level 3 programme is an intermediate level programme designed for people looking to improve their computer skills - skills that are now required to work in almost any office.  The aim of the programme is to offer practical assistance rather than an academic approach to learning. 

This is a level 3 NZQA accredited programme and is an intermediate level programme. You will meet new people, and learn and practice new skills.  On successful completion of this programme, you will receive a certificate in recognition of the time and effort you have put in.

What will I learn?
You’ll learn more about how to use the MS Office and other apps that are commonly used in offices in New Zealand.  You'll also learn some general office skills. The programme consists of five modules:




Module 1
Presentations and Graphic Design
US 18750
Produce a learner focused electronic training package for organisation use
US 25661
Design and assemble an interactive media product without scripting
Demonstrate knowledge of a Māori event
This builds on your presentation skills using MS Powerpoint.  You will gain more experience in producing dynamic presentations.
Module 2
Desktop Publishing and Web Design
US 2789
Produce desktop published documents for organisation use
US 25658
Create a website for a stakeholder using a dedicated web-authoring tool
This builds on the desktop publishing that you learned in Level 2.  You will further develop your skills using Adobe Indesign and  MS Publisher. to produce professional looking publications.
Module 3
Business Applications
US 112
Produce information using word processing functions
US 2785
Create a computer spreadsheet to provide a solution for organisation use
US 2787
Produce a computer flatfile database to provide a solution for organisation use
This builds on the MS Word, Excel and Access you learned in Level 2.  You will further develop your word processing, spreadsheet and database skills.
Module 4
Information Technology
US 5968
Discuss the social implications of information technology
US 9681
Contribute within a team or group which has an objective
Here you will learn to work as part of a team - teamwork skills are an essential part of being able to successfully contribute to a modern office.  You will also learn more about various information technology devices.
Module 5
Systems and Networks
US 5951
Describe the concepts of information systems deployment
US 2797
Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of computer networks
US 25782
Investigate the use of information and communications technology in an organisation
This is an introduction to networks - how computers are linked together and "talk" to each other, and to other devices such as printers. Networks are important even in small offices nowadays.

How much will it cost me?
Best of all, there are NO FEES.  There are no charges for students.  This is a fully funded government programme.  You will receive a range of quality resources required to complete the programme, also at no cost.

What resources and equipment will I get?
You will receive a range of quality resources including module books, and activity books.  Everything you need to complete the course will be provided.  You do not need your own computer - we will provide a computer for you to use in the classroom.

How and when will I be able to study?
The programme is part-time and class based. You will be part of a unique learning environment that is supportive, inclusive and interactive. Classes are held evenings for the duration of the 18 weeks.
Where can I do this programme?
Classes will be held at our premises at 563 Main Road, Stoke, next to the Mobil station. 

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