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get Computer Savvy

get Computer Savvy

National Certificate in Computing, Level 3

Programme owner, Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Level                     Length                 Fees

   3                   18 weeks               $0 

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Programme Overview

You've got the basics of computers but you know there's so much more they can do. Rise above the crowd by learning the tips, tricks and functionality of office software that most people don't know exists!
Your computer skills will set you apart when you know how to use Microsoft Office better.  You will be able to produce professional documents, presentations and publications to meet most business and personal needs. Start to look at how computer networks serve us, and you'll feel comfortable with the systems in the modern workplace.

You'll learn about

* using Microsoft Office to its full extent
* creating advanced text documents in Word
* taking text and design to the next level using Publisher
* making impressive PowerPoint presentations
* using spreadsheet and database features with Excel
  and Access
* computer networks

You'll know how to

​​* use Microsoft Office advanced features
* design and make documents and advertising
* explain how computer networks work
* understand Information Communication Technology 

Where will this take me?

​​I want to keep learning
You can take your skills and understanding further by moving into next level computing or IT courses. You're on your way to becoming a specialist in the industry.

​​I want to use my new skills
Your skills are now more advanced than many people in the workforce. You could apply them in design, networking and top-notch admin support - for yourself and others.

Quick facts

​​* Starts Monday 7 March 2016 in Nelson 
* Twice weekly evening classes - Monday AND Tuesday evenings each
* NO resource fees
Delivered by Barbican Training Centre as contractors in conjunction with KITE logo-228  

Our purpose

Learning for a better future
Providing practical and relevant training programmes

Our values

We do it together
It's all about teamwork
We all win Mutually beneficial relationships
We answer to each other We do what is fair and right



Providers for NZ Trade and Enterprise; NZ Aid; Te Puni Kōkiri

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