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Small business

Small business

Certificate in Small Business Management

Programme owner, Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Level                     Length                 Fees

   4                  36 weeks               $0 

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Programme Overview

Have a great business idea but not sure how to go about starting up?  Just started your own business?  This programme will show you to create a comprehensive and achievable business plan in easy steps.
Learn up front what so many business owners try to figure out along the way: How to plan, market, operate, comply with all the laws and still make some money.

You'll learn about

* planning ahead
* your legal obligations
* marketing that works
* employing staff and paying wages
* logistics that save money
* how to keep on the right side of the Inland Revenue
* getting the money sorted

You'll know how to

​​* set up and operate your own business
* create a business plan for YOUR business
* market your business
* meet your legal obligations
* do financial planning, reporting, and GST
* understand cashflow and profit


Where will this take me?

​​I want to keep learning
Take this to the next level with further study in business development or management.

​​I want to use my new skills
You'll be ready to start your own business or be able to run your current one better.

Quick facts

​​* Starts    Thursday 18 August 2016 in Blenheim and Nelson             
* Weekly evening or day classes and optional workshops
* NO resource fees


Our purpose

Learning for a better future
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Our values

We do it together
It's all about teamwork
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